Is Bedroom One Word or Two?

Is Bedroom One Word or Two?

I have always thought the English language to be quite strange in certain ways. It made me think if some words such as bedroom, bathroom etc. are one word or two words. So I did some research and this is what I found.

Is bedroom one word or two? Bedroom is one word. It is known as a compound word in the English language and is made up by combining two independent words to make a single word with its own meaning.

There are so many compound words in the English language. This follows certain rules and it is good to know how to form such words. This would be helpful to improve your knowledge of the English language which happens to be the most widely used language in the world.

Compound Words in English

Not all words of the English language can be combined to form a compound word. There are rules to follow and this has been set as a standard in the language. Many compound words are spelled as one word.

Words which are combined together and written as one are called closed compounds. A few examples for such words are bedroom, bathroom, classroom, blackboard, whiteboard etc. The list could go on only to find out that there many such words which actually exist in the English language.

There are three types of compound words. They are as given below.

Closed compounds – Two words combined and written as a single word. Examples are, flowerpot, keyboard, notebook

Hyphenated compounds – More than one word separated by a hyphen to form a single word with a meaning of its own. Examples are, mother-in-law, merry-go-round

Open compounds – Two words written separately. Examples are school bus, living room A general rule of thumb to know is that if each of the two independent words has one syllable, then the two words can be compounded and written as one word. On the other hand, if one of the words has more than one syllable then they are written either as two separate words or using a hyphen in between.

What Is A Syllable?

A syllable has the pronunciation of one vowel sound which could be surrounded with consonants or not and forms an entire word or a part of it.

Simply put together with a few examples, the word “red” has one syllable which is “red”. The word “purple” has two syllables which are “pur” and “ple”. This is the simplest way of explaining what a syllable is. You need to get this part cleared to properly understand about compound words.

Let’s have a look at the words which have more than one syllable and which are normally not combined to form a compound word.

Words With More Than One Syllable

Compounds which usually have more than one syllable in either word are generally written as two words or separated by a hyphen. This is why you will find words such as “bathroom” and “bedroom” to be single words but “living room” and “dining room” to be two words each.

Like I said before, these words with multiple syllables can also be written separated using hyphens. Let’s now see a few examples of such words in the English language.

The Use of The Hyphen

The use of the hyphen could be tricky in the English language. It needs to be properly understood as it can be misunderstood quite easily. Here we will look into such words separated using hyphens, which have multiple syllables in either word of the two.

The word “long-term” is a hyphenated compound where two words are combined to form one.

Hyphenated compounds could also be made up combining more than two words. A few examples for such words are “mother-in-law” and “up-to-date”.

Combining such words give a new meaning altogether, which is how the English language manages to make up a lot of words with different meanings. It is useful to know how such words are formed and the rules to be followed when doing so.

There are so many examples in the English language for compound words with one syllable, compound words with more than one syllable in either word written as two words and also compound words separated using a hyphen.

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